Thank You for showing interest and contact me concern around Increasing your Business ROI through Direct Marketing and Positioning.


Two Group to address here:

  • Firstly let me address those who have just enrolled as a Vip Client you might have overlooked an email sent from my assistant about how you can contact me promptly.

    Please check your email and under spam then whitelist the sender.

    Rest assured My assistant will contact all new Dear members daily so you can be sure we have your back.

    Also if needed you can reach me thru our 1st point of contact device before you enrolled.

    Dear Clients, please contact me thru Direct App it's the fastest way to get your Marketing questions answered.

    If it's not urgent leave a Message on Skype or another point of contact and I'll answer you on the next training.

    You know my current location if you simply wanna to chill out and chat let me know beforehand to schedule.


  • Secondly, for those who want a consultation call to customize marketing and others stuff that brings in Profit.

    Please register for this FREE Online Live Training and witness yourself if you like the shared material and also the coaching approach.

    At the End of the Live Training, I will invite my Dream Prospects to apply a Free One on One Call to customize a plan Guaranteed to Increase their Business ROI.

    Because it's same as Dating if both don't align together there's no reason to start.

    However ONLY if you've attended my Live Training back then know my criterion and recognize result from the FREE Material.

    Then Welcome to leave a message to Skype ID: randyseet
    write something along the lines.

    "I've attended one of your Live Online Training and meet the Requirement and know that the Free consultation call is Not a Sale Pitch rather helping me to customize a Guarantee plan to bring in more Profit. However, at the End of the One on One Consultation Call Randy will invite me to partner with him and enroll as a Client. I'm Aware of the Price and either choose to work with Randy let him help me or take the Customise Blueprint Implement myself and also there is no hard sell."

    My assistant checks daily Skype message and finds we align then he will schedule the One on One call.

    Unfortunately, I can't serve everyone nevertheless I respect your interest in applying for the call.

    We don't leave you out, a support reply with useful info direct you to the right path.

    I prefer you to attend another Free Live Training prior applying for a Free One on One Call. (Every Training is UNIQUE)


Thank You for reaching and hope to serve you with Marketing and others Stuff to Increase ROI.

Randy Seet