Randy Seet is the Pioneer Focusing on Eradicating and Soothing Mental/Emotional Doubt in the Marketing Messages and Campaigns.

Customize Marketing Messages and Campaigns design to focus on business owners Dream Prospects.

So they are more receptive in future follow up where Eventually Increase ROI.

He is one of the most Authentic Direct Response Internet marketing consultant and copywriter who help Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Service Providers and Information Marketers with Proven Marketing, Copywriting, and Positioning to increase Profit Predictably and Help to Attract High Paying Clients Effortlessly in their Coaching/Consulting Business.

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Who is the Real Randy Seet?

Randy Seet here you might be wondering not another Rags to Riches story.

Sleeping at parent or friend basement or on a couch where miraculously found a Wealth push button software.

And down this page, he's going to show me his Ferrari and Mansion.

Er, all the material stuff don't have power on me any longer. (There is Nothing wrong in desiring)

What I truly desire is the freedom with choices.

How I implement is by helping others 1st and then ask for the Sale.

In every transaction, my philosophy is Clients gotten back more value from what they've invested.

They win more than me and can spend my profit guilt free and sleep soundly at night. (Take nap in the day too)

I'm in my Mid-thirties living in Singapore.

Most of my time, I'm traveling around this is the freedom of having an Internet Marketing Company.

Where I can turn marketing investment into Profit and simultaneously helping Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Speakers, Service Providers or Information Marketers to Attract Premium Clients to their Consulting/Coaching Business and also Increase their ROI Effortlessly and Predictably.

Here my brief back story

At the age of twenty, I applied to be a Police offer and have undergone Six Months Tough In-camp training.

After graduated from Police Academy I was deployed as a Front Line Officer for the Six years.

For Remain two years stint deployed as a detective.

Last three years in the force I advanced my study in the hope of promoting to a higher rank officer.


During the days of upgrading myself with the knowledge, I come across Old School Advertising and Marketing Stuff.

I sidetrack a bit in my academic study and dig into subject around building a Profitable Business.

My ah-ha moment surface when I approached a Seminar Guru and Author after investing Five Figures to for just a few hours of private Consulting.
(A Decade back)

I'm reluctant initially and skeptic around his ability to lead me the path in building a semi Passive Business.

Three Key Points to share with you.

1) Evergreen Market (People buying stuff and also there are Market Celebrities)

2) Study Fundamental Marketing and Copywriting (There are always things to improve but focus on the basic first)

3) Monitor business stats are great however most Significant stats come down to Profit in the bank account minus marketing investment Period.
(Next Logical step is to scale up in this Evergreen Market)

After the consulting, my perspective has changed where I recognize if I will be promoted to Senior Officer.

Highest Tier Paycheck still under $10K per month and it's not what I've desired back then.

I took the plunge and throw resignation letter over to my superior.

Not all is rosy for the initial few years being self employed.

There are a lot of baggage to my inner self concerning Wealth and Abundant.

And also surrounding with conflict Environment and others.

All in all, I feel unworthy within.

Not so much of strategies wise I pride myself to be an Action and Never Say Die Attitude Thanks to Police Philosophy.

Spend a lot on Advertising however yield nothing back.

I don't want to talk more in detail Rags to Riches story because I cherish your time you're not here wanting to grasp about my past where here to acknowledge how I can help you reinvent or tweak your business to yield more Profit.


I promise just a small screenshot of my first successful campaign Profit in a week back from 2007 or 2008. I can't remember precisely the year.

Paypal About

You might be thinking Randy you are all set then to scale up.

Hell No.

There are a lot of Business Element I've missed out.

Back to worse from where I start.

I stay put at my parent house.

People don't understand me and distance away.

And weird out in my endeavor.

I make up my mind to persevere.

And get the thing done.

Instead of blaming others and my environment or being a victim myself.

I Take responsible and tweak myself and back on track.

And the rest is history.

There are two reasons why I'm sharing all these.

Firstly, it's because I don't want you to have the delusion that there is a magic pill and once you partake all your wealth desire manifest immediately.

Resounding No.

It takes a few try to perform any campaign work.

Nevertheless, it's more appealing than working on something you disdain day in, day out.

And inevitable you'll get there.

Even you hired a consultant facing some hurdle is sure although it'll dramatically ease the burden and achieves your goal faster.
(You hire me or others to Help you Build a Profitable Coaching/Consulting Business to Attract Premium Clients with Cash this is the truth)                            

Secondly, the reason is I don't want to waste your precious time in Live Online Training where a large part is talking about myself without much real workable content.

If you've not registered for the Free Live Online Training.

Here is the Link.

er can I add one more reason for sharing?

Yes, because this is one of the strategies used to familiarize with me.

Now in your head, you might be pondering is Randy Seet worth the Time to study.

Honestly speaking, I have no clue you like the way how I consult others.

If you take action on my content I sure you will be thrilled with the result in getting High Paying Clients Predictably within a Month or Less.

Nothing happens without implementation. Right?

Then why not attend this LIVE Free online training and witness yourself.

Here is who I can help Most.

You are a Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Author, Information Marketer or Service Provider.

I loved to claim I can help every business but I can't.

I can't help if you are selling small gadget less than hundred dollars.

Not taking action of the marketing and sales strategies and stick with it a few try until succeeds.

Deviate from my Proven System to Attract Committed Affluent Clients.

You don't apply and tweak it when hit roadblocks.
(Even if the Billionaire Marketer show you his blueprint you GUARANTEED not see Result initially)

Eventually, what you want owns your Marketing Machine.

Legally Make Money on Demand.

Profitable Investment.

Turn every dollar into Profit in advertising is a much predictable investment. (In my humble perspective)

However, it takes a few try to make it work if you're willing to Tweak and Refine.

Make a series of Profitable Marketing Vault and pour in dream prospects and set for life with Semi Passive of work.

Above are the things possible to achieve to a prospect who study and apply my FREE Practical approaches and tactics stuff.

I am an Entrepreneur its logic my Goal is to attract Dream Clients.


Click on the Tab Below to View Each Criterion


You MUST have the knowledge getting your Dream Prospects result don't worry what if they don't follow my advice or take action what I meant is if they Heed and Implement every assignment they'll achieve result period


You are Willing to spend on advertising after Marketing Strategies deployed Effectively


You are Willing to talk and type however don't require perfect English and grammar error free if I a non-native English citizen can you have no excuses (Human Interaction required in Premium Offer )


You are Willing to apply assignment within deadline be assured nothing weird also I'm reasonable and excuse permitted if unforeseen things come up


You are Willing to move on after initial fruitless campaign and tweak by changing words or paraphrasing sentences not arduous we'll test small ranging from $100USD to $500USD when the Machine cash out more we scale up


You have a high-end offer where you need help to structure the fulfillment part or are open to creating one to get Dream Clients results and stay happy


You've responsive audiences who loved your content if not we'll start from scratch and need more patience from you to see result I just being real

Here's all about me.

Can I make an offer to you now?

Who cares?

I am a Marketer, right?

If I don't offer something what type a Marketer am I.

How can I be known as a pioneer Focusing on Eradicating and Soothing Mental/Emotional Doubt in the Marketing Messages and Campaign I build to help business owners so their Affluent Prospects receptive to their High End offer through follow up.

Here the Pitch if you want to Attract High Paying Clients in your Consulting/Coaching Business Within A Month despite you just start out and Increase your ROI Effortlessly and Predictably in your Business I like to invite you for a FREE Online Training.

Yes, the Training is FREE however at the end I have to offer you something.

Can I be blunt with you if you disdain of being Pitch you should change your perspective because almost everything in this universe come with an offer after providing value?

Let's look into politics every candidate market their benefit and provide tangible or intangible onset what their offer next?

Is their offer elect me right?

If you can't recognize offering your stuff is the only way to get prospects to make a decision, please don't register for this Live Online Training.

No hard feeling means we're not in a good match.

Thank You, Sir/Mdm.

The Pitch at the End I'll invite you to apply a Call with me where I'll customise a BluePrint what you need to work on to Guaranteed success in your Consulting/Coaching Business attract Committed Affluent Clients to Pay for your High-End Offer Predictably and at least 2X in your business.

Next, after the Blueprint is customised in the call. Two things will happen. Either you apply the blueprint yourself or enrolled as a Premium Client to Guaranteed Success.

Only you find my Training workable and like my style of consulting.

Here are some of the scope I'll be sharing in the Live Training.

  • Breakdown of my Machine which I'm applying currently and working Now to Turn Cold Prospects to High-End Clients (Nothing is Hold Back)


  • In your Coaching/Consulting Business, you can get Real Case Studies in One week despite just starting out where Converting strangers into Fans steadily who are more open to your High Ticket Offer


  • Easiest Way to Sell High Ticket Offer it's ideally to Position yourself as an authority I'll share one of the fastest methods to Position as a Top Influencer without spending enormous sum where your Dream prospects take action and not feeling skeptic about you and Premium offer


  • How do make worse clients happy if you can fulfill this segment then it's impossible not having raving Premium Clients and also referrals right? (Of course, I am not suggesting you target those group)


  • If you're not a Huge Name in your Marketplace still Can Attract High Paying Clients that is the reason why I delete my Facebook Fan Page and start from scratch to prove it's possible when you apply this strategy I'm sharing in the Live Training


  • Free from being bog down with countless of content every day and still convert stranger to Premium Clients with Cash (My Blog and Facebook Fan Page have only a handful of Live Changing Stuff)


  • And much more


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Are you aware I have deployed a handful of marketing stuff on this page?

Person A read this page as it's. (Which is fine)

Person B read this page and accept the Marketing and Positioning Techniques. (Good)

Person C analyze the techniques and also desire to know more about me. (Excellent)

Join Me Here for Simple Steps to Attract High Paying Clients in your Consulting/Coaching Business Within A Month despite you just start out.

If after reading this page you still don't like me and have reservation about me or my content.

Why don't you be Person C and study some Free lesson without giving me your email?

Below are the Links to my Free Business Transformation Content How to Charge Premium Price Effortlessly by Attracting Committed Affluent Clients Consistently

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There is no obligation to become an exclusive Clients/Partners by joining this Live Training.

Lastly Free doesn't mean worthless I can easily put a price tag of at least $5k.

I believed most of the strategies share in the Training are kept from the public only available in Mastermind cost $25K up.

Implement it yourself to witness the worth of my Live Training here.

Talk to you soon in the Live Training.

Thank You for your precious time reading and hope you Prosper in your Coaching/Consulting Business!

Randy Seet